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Work with your Strengths

We each are born with specific genetic body-types and we have only so much we can do to transform them and shape them into our dream body. Yes, plastic surgery is one option, but in regards of fitness we are genetically inclined to do certain activities. One factor that determines our strengths and weaknesses are the amount of slow-twitch versus fast-twitch muscle fibers we are born with. Slow-twitch muscles are the muscles fibers that are best for long endurance sports, or aerobic exercise. Whereas, fast-twitch fibers are recruited when a muscle contracts for a shorter burst of energy, called anaerobic exercise. The muscles fibers are on a spectrum that ranges from Type I, slow-twitch to Type II b, very fast-twitch. Therefore, we are naturally built to accel more at one type of exercise over others. Of course, it’s important to have a well-rounded workout regime of both aerobic and anaerobic work. You may find it works much better for your specific body-type to do one type of activity over the other.

Runners going for it at the San Diego ITU Triathlon

My suggestion, as the title implies, is that go for what your body is built. If running marathons doesn’t seem to work well for you, yet you can run extremely fast 200 meter sprints, you could be more of a fast-twitch guy/girl. However, if all you’ve ever done is quick short exercises and you’ve never dabbled in the realm of endurance sports, you may not know what you’re missing! Try both and work at it to see what you’re made of. You never know unless you give it a try. Hey, you may be the next best Ironman Triathlete.


Go hard, go easy. Repeat.

If you are really trying to get a good fitness regime going, it’s possible to fall victim to the evil “over-training.” I’ve seen it before. Many people who are very enthusiastic tend towards this error. It’s sad to see, since frequently the over-trainer will be injured or get sick a lot. This problem is often discussed among triathlon coaches. The crucial recovery process often gets overlooked by meany over-zealous triathletes, since simply being a triathlete usually implies you’re over-zealous. Training hard and racing harder is somewhat like walking a tightrope and one false move can send you plummeting into oblivion. If you’re never taking a recovery day, or more importantly, a recovery week, when will your body have time to adapt and rebuild? So if you have several really tough days of training, be sure to get a nice and easy rest day. Don’t half-ass the rest! Make sure to really take it easy, even if that means skipping the hike with your buddies, or being anti-social and laying on your couch all day long. Also, on your recovery days, or week, be sure to eat really well, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. Also, get lots of rest! So remember, if you’re training hard day after day week after week, be brave and take it easy! So you can rejuvenate and be stronger for your next hard workout.

Hiking injured

Don't go hiking if you have a broken collar bone, like I did!

Inspirational Athletes

The in-water swim starting line April 2, 2011

Have you ever watched an endurance sporting event before? I mean from the starting line to the very final crossing of the finish line? I have participated in them since my hobby is kicking butt at Olympic distance triathlons. And I have done a couple half Ironmans, also known as Ironman 70.3 since you travel 70.3 miles through the water, over the road on a bike and on foot. But as a spectator Saturday, April 2 at the California 70.3 in Oceanside, I witnessed professional athletes all the way to challenged athletes conquer the distance swimming biking and running. As a spectator it was awesome to see how the excitement and energy of those competing spread to the crowd watching. People rang cow bells, shouted, snapped photos and high-fived athletes running by into transition. It’s quite an awesome accomplishment to give it everything you’ve got over the course of 4 – 10 hours. Even the pros like Andy Potts and Mirinda Carfrae were  giving it a great shot – they both got 1st place by the way! But every person out there racing really inspires me to train hard and get more prepared for my next race. There are not too many events that we are so challenged by and get the chance to put your heart into it and do our absolute best. Congratulations to the athletes who do!

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