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Look better by standing taller

The way our bodies appear has more to do with what’s going on inside than you realize. When you are feeling down you actually tend to look down, and slump forward. As humans we have body language saying so much to each other. We cross our legs, fold our arms, close our bodies off to the dangers of the world. When feeling insecure about the state of our bodies, we suffer thinking we’ll be this way the rest of our lives. Do you think your body does not react to these negative thoughts? Of course our body feels the hatred and anger the brain emits! Loving your body today will most likely help it feel good and strong and healthy for tomorrow. You can think of it as, “I am just getting older” or “today is the youngest I will be for the rest of my life.” Your young body is alive and thriving so will you choose to let it sit there on the couch wasting precious time? Or take it out and see what it is capable of? Seize the day, my friend!

One chronic problem with many of my clients is that they hunch over and have poor posture. Do you know how much better your chest will look if you just stand tall and feel proud of who you are? Good posture is an amazingly simple way to look taller, leaner and more attractive overall. Men are notorious for doing a lot of bench press and or push-ups and tend to get really tight pecs and proportionately weaker upper back muscles. Thus, the hunched back problem festers. Even women, especially taller women and big-breasted women have to fight against our natural tendencies to slump forward. Also, focus on strengthening those beautiful upper back muscles by doing more fly, rows, and lat pull-downs to develop a nicer posture. If you keep your posture in mind throughout your training, it will improve.

Baby got back! Work those back muscles to improve your posture.

So, keep your chin up. Love yourself. Love your body. Because one day, you may look back and regret not taking advantage of these younger years.


Anti-depressant Remedy

It’s rainy and cold out. I am warm and cozy in my bed with my computer and pandora. Why should I go outside and go running? Why should I brave the weather when it’s warm inside? Winter is hard. It can be a very difficult time of year to wake up early, let alone wake up and exercise. In my experience, the worst attended exercise classes are in December and January. But the excuses also come in November through March when the daylight barely makes 10 hours. Nights are long and we want to hibernate. We get the blues with Seasonal Affective Disorder, not being active, not seeing much sunlight, not feeling our heart pounding in our chest. These are the days, and nights when working out is the most crucial, not just for our bodies, but for our minds. I bet you at least 50% of the people on anti-depressant medication could go for a vigorous bike ride five days a week and would actually be throwing away those pills. The heart is meant to beat strong and loudly, not just one or two days a week but three to FIVE!

Sometimes life is hard and difficult problems arise, and there’s not many healthy ways to vent the stress that builds up. Exercise is one that is healthy. I know that when I’m training frequently not only my body gets healthier, but my relationships improve, my professional life improves and suddenly the stress can dissipate like steam out of my ears, just like in the cartoons! If you’re injured or not very mobile, try a water sport: water aerobics, water running, gentle swimming or modified swimming gets you sweating and gets your cardiovascular system moving. If these don’t work, maybe there’s other activities you enjoy that will activate your heart. Dancing? Horse-back riding? Gymnastics? Surfing? I hope you find some activity and have fun! Let me know what is your favorite.

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